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Where is: Kamari is located 9km east of Fira at the foot of Mesa Vouno mountain.

Profile: It is one of the newest villages of Santorini, built after the earthquake of 1956, and has the most award-winning beach of Santorini. The walk to the promenade is very nice.

Attractions: Kamari, although based on the strength of the beach, has many attractions. On the top of Mesa Vouno mountain is one of the major attractions of Santorini, the Ancient Thira an archaeological site full of history. Built in the 8th century BC by the Spartans with amazing views and a series of buildings as the market, the mosque of Artemidoros, the royal portico, the temple of Dionysus, the Temple of Apollo, the cemeteries of ancient Thira and theater waiting for you to discover.

Food: Here the options are really endless and the choice difficult. At the edge of Kamari (at Mesa Vouno side) is the tavern Irene, nearly half of the walkway of Kamari is the restaurant Elia of Bellonias Villas, and on the other side’s end the restaurant Vassilikos.

Coffee: Many options and coffee throughout the day. Many of the cafes in Kamari are serving breakfast and stay open until late at night.

Shopping: The Pride has many shopping stores of every kind. From clothes (Ammos) to decorations and souvenirs (2 Brothers), Kamari is certainly the coastal paradise for shopping in Santorini.

Night Life: The café- bars of Kamari are often feature lives, and in many taverns you will hear traditional bouzouki and you will see small groups dancing ready to initiate you into the secrets of Greek dances. Here are the only cinemas on the island, Kamari Village and the open summer cinema.

Idea: Come to Kamari early morning to visit Ancient Thira and spend the day swimming, shopping, food and drink in the fully organized beach.


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