Fava (Split peas)

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Fava is the oldest product in the island of Santorini. The excavations at Akrotiri have revealed that the variety Lathyrus Clymenum grows on the island for more than 3,500 years. This rare variety in combination with the volcanic soil of Santorini gives Santorini’s fava a sweeter flavor, great texture and full flavor. The classic fava bean dish, which you will find in all restaurants and taverns, is served with onion and capers and it is called "married ".  The neutrality of fava’s flavor allows many combinations and even more tasty “marriages”. So you can enjoy it with small pieces of meat or fish, and also fried (fava pancakes) or with meatballs. Do not forget to take santorinian fava with you. It can be found in supermarkets and in many spots in the island.

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